the motto



Miley Cyrus got fined for 200k for illegal use of the Mexican flag stay in your fucking lane bitch

she had someone spank her on her bony hank hill ass with the MEXICAN. FLAG. how much can these fucking gross racist white devils pull off while still being loved and idolized???!!!


my anaconda don’t want none




Thanks Macklemore

so today i made this facebook post right


and even though i spent most of the day not giving a fuck what they said (translated from spanish: “look at that fat fuck” “he’s fucking fat”) I realized that I worked out 3 times today, and I think it all subconsciously tied back to the fact that maybe their words did affect me to some degree.

And I realize that whenever I get a side comment from a family member or a friend or even from my swimming teacher a few weeks ago, it kind of makes me go to extremes. And that’s not okay because words said shouldn’t affect you like that. I know I’m confident, I know I can laugh off or own the embarrassment, but I know I have so much to learn still and I’m kind of disappointed in myself bc I feel BEAT, lying in bed knowing I swam laps this morning, did some yoga in the afternoon, then finished with zumba….and I worked out every single day this week! I’m hungry but I ate all the calories I needed today so I’m forcing myself not to eat like wtf?? I need to go eat a muffin or something rn 

I’m still “faking i till I make it” I guess, but I want that time to come already where no motherfucker can bring me down, even subconsciously…


here’s a tip

if someone says they don’t drink, they don’t fucking drink

respect it